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General Education Outcomes 

 KCC has six general education goals: 

Each goal has 3 or 4 descriptors that can be assessed using the associated gen-ed rubric.  

Reading Comprehension  

  • Student is able to recall pertinent details from assigned readings
  • Student understands the relationship among ideas within a text 
  • Student demonstrates the ability to follow written instructions
  • Student can paraphrase reading material 

 Verbal Communication

  • Student uses complete sentences in verbal communication 
  • Student uses language aligned with subject matter 
  • Student will use effective delivery techniques 

Written Communication 

  • Student provides support for main topic or idea 
  • Student's writing is organized 
  • Student uses verbiage aligned with subject matter 
  • Student incorporates quality sources 

 Ethical Reasoning 

  • Student will use well-reasoned, ethical arguments to support or refute claims 
  • Student will articulate ethical principles applicable in various situations 
  • Students will critically justify their ethical standpoints
  • Student will demonstrate respect for ethical positions with which they may disagree 

Inquiry and Analysis 

  • Student will synthesize research and/or evidence to reveal new patterns, differences, or similarities
  • Student will draw valid conclusions based on information presented
  • Student will assess information from various sources in order to evaluate reliability, validity,           accuracy, authority, timeliness, and bias.

 Quantitative Reasoning 

  • Student will use a specified tool correctly and accurately in a given scenario or with contextualized data.
  • Student is able to choose and justify the use of an appropriate tool to answer a question about a     given scenario or contextualized data set. 
  • Student is able to draw appropriate conclusions and/or evaluate conclusions drawn by others relating to a given scenario or contextualized data set.