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Goals & Measures

​Goal 1 ​Goal 2 ​Goal 3 ​Goal 4 ​Goal 5
​Create a culture
of completion
Promote an environment of excellence and innovation ​Develop career pathways
in target industries
Take a convening leadership role to strengthen and sustain community partnerships ​Redesign foundational coursework
  • Explore new scheduling and blended learning experiences.
  • Strengthen guidance, advising, and master academic planning.
  • Encourage Career pathways.
  • Complete College America best practice.
  • Establish and achieve exceptional scores in key performance benchmarks.
  • Encourage, acknowledge and reward innovation aimed at our strategic goals, mission and core values.
  • Improve regular and sustained interaction with area employers in critical and high-demand sectors to better understand their needs and to create programs and occupational opportunities.
  • Enhance workplace learning, contextualized learning, and "learn and earn" opportunities for students.
  • Improve understanding of community challenges.
  • Promote community prosperity.
  • Increase engagement and partnership development with K-12 system, employers, and community partners.
  • Redesign and rebuild remedial education
Performance indicators​
  • ​Completers/transfer rates
  • Retention rate
  • Course success/  completion rates
  • General education learning outcomes success rates
  • Success rates - faculty-implemented changes
  • Success rates - innovation grants
  • Noncredit to credit enrollment
  • ​Job placement rates
  • Graduate wages and wage growth
  • Employer satisfaction w/KCC grads
  • Employer results w/ Corporate Education contracts​
  • Employer donations to KCC Foundation
  • Annual unduplicated enrollment
  • Area HS grads enrollment (market share)
  • HS grads enrolled in foundational ed. (FE) courses  
  • FE course success rates
  • FE pathway time/credits to completion
  • FE completion rate
Scorecard Scorecard Scorecard Scorecard Scorecard​