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Goal 3

Develop career pathways in target industries

​Performance indicator FY 2014​ FY 2015​ FY 2016​ FY 2017​ FY 2018​ Benchmarks: Illinois and National​
​Job placement rates ​90% (from 40 respondents in occupational programs) ​80.9% (from 67 respondents in occupational programs) ​84.1% (from 84 respondents in occupational programs) ​ National average is 64.2% (2016, NCCBP)
​KCC ranked nationally in the top 6% (2016, NCCBP)
​Graduates wages and wage growth

Definitions and Source of Data for Performance Indicators

​​Performance Indicator ​Definition ​Source
Job placement rates % graduates who complete the graduate survey for program review who reply they are employed in a relevant field to their KCC studies. ​Compiled OFS and program review surveys compiled this year; Question 3.3
Graduates wages and wage growth
Economic Impact Study: Completed by ICCB in October 2014