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Goal 4

 Take a convening leadership role to strengthen and sustain community partnerships

​Performance indicator FY 2014​ FY 2015​ FY 2016​ FY 2017​ FY 2018​ Benchmarks: Illinois and National​ ​Dashboards
​Annual unduplicated enrollment (all divisions) ​Credit: 5,766
CE: 5,717
AE: 1,079
CE: 5,285   AE: 815
CE: 7,099   AE: 646

Credit:4458 CE:5478 AE:480

​Annual unduplicated enrollment
​% of area high school graduates enrolled at KCC in fall following spring graduation (market share) ​26.0% ​27.2% ​ 23.1% ​ 20.1% ​  ​National average is 21.9% (2014)
KCC ranks nationally in the top 29% (NCCBP)
High School Market Share
​Dual Credit Enrollment ​702 ​667 ​907 ​867 DC scorecard FY13-FY17.pdfDC scorecard FY13-FY17.pdf

Definitions and Source of Data for Performance Indicators

​​Performance Indicator ​Definition ​Source
​Annual unduplicated enrollment (all divisions)
Unduplicated enrollment by academic level credit (UG), Adult Education (AE, HS) and Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) each fiscal year Informer "SQL Annual Enrollment by Acad Level" available annually in July.
​% of area high school graduates enrolled at KCC in fall following spring graduation (market share) 
% of high school graduates in the KCC district of a given year that enrolled at KCC the fall immediately following graduation. Computation of data: Number of high school graduates that enrolled at KCC in Fall divided by Total number of high school graduates.
Informer report; available annually in October (ex: FY14=Spring 2014 high school graduates).

​Dual Credit Enrollment

​Total number of students (duplicated) enrolled in dual credit coursework in the fiscal year as reported to ICCB for reimbursable credits ​ICCB Dual Credit Table B-2