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Strategic Planning

KCC's strategic planning process involves input from college faculty and staff, as well as residents of the greater Kankakee area (college profile). In 2009, the Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC) was formed. SPOC members provide leadership in identifying the college's Strategic Goals, which are aligned with KCC's mission, vision and core values. In 2012, SPOC members facilitated the development of the Environmental Scan, which was guided by the document, Reclaiming the American Dream. 

Executive Summary: 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

2014-2018 Strategic Goals

  1. Create a culture of completion
  2. Promote an environment of excellence and innovation
  3. Develop career pathways in target industries
  4. Take a convening leadership role to strengthen and sustain community partnerships
  5. Redesign college foundational coursework

Environmental Scan materials

Other documents

For more information regarding KCC's strategic plan email Bert Jacobson, dean of environmental and institutional sustainability, or phone 815-802-8242.