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Magic, Mystery and Rilke

Canopy by G McCullough - oil on canvasGale McCullough, artist
Sept. 20 - Oct. 14, 2016
Arts & Sciences Gallery, Room R103
KCC Riverfront Campus

A reception with the artist will be Thurs., Sept. 22 6:30-8 p.m.

The art exhibit and reception are free events, open to the public. 

Artist statement

Since childhood my eyes have been like cameras. Growing up I took great delight in observing the nuance and subtlety of nature. All of it was deeply magical and full of mystery for me and I wanted to know what-was-there.

Let me explain. In childhood I knew that mere looking at things was not enough, and with just the right focus on what was before me, and holding still, I could see into what was there. Simply, I was distinguishing between passive looking and active seeing, and in that seeing was the mystery and magic of things I was after, nature. As a child, all this unfolded before me. Later, in college, I discovered the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke, and what I had discovered as a child was now being confirmed. In essence, Rilke described this simply as "seeing into what is there." Indeed, always the unfolding mystery and magic of what is there. This is where my subject matter exists.

The technical wherewithal of how I execute paintings is straightforward. My paintings are comprised of several layers of oil paint, sometimes thickly applied, and augmented by glazes. Progress is slow; simply, "I stay with it" until a painting comes to where the mystery and magic I'm after holds, and then, what-is-there announces that it is where it belongs, and it is done.

A word or two about the word "abstraction." In my world, everything visible is, in one way or another, an abstraction of what it was to begin with, what it is now, and what it is yet to become. I find this compelling; no, it is spell binding. My art emanates from this source.

Gale Carter McCullough 
August 10, 2016