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Report Suspicious Behavior

Students and employees of the college are usually the first to notice when a member of the community is distressed or behaving in a potentially dangerous or disruptive manner. Reports enable intervention, support and quick connections to appropriate resources.

To report any behaviors that you find suspicious or concerning, do one of the following:

  • Call the front desk - 815 802-8100 
  • Call KCC police/security officer on duty - 815-802-8190 
  • Call Deputy Chief Eric Springer - 815-802-8195
  • Email the Behavioral Intervention Team at

A Behavioral Intervention Team member will call an ambulance and/or the KCC Police Department for reported individuals who appear to be in imminent danger of harming themselves or who have threatened to harm others.

Make a suggestion

The Behavioral Intervention Team, which provides oversight for this program, welcomes suggestions to improve its services and resources. Contact the director/registrar of admissions & registration at

Individuals submitting this report may choose to provide his/her identity or may choose to report anonymously.  The system will notify the user, before he/she enters information, that entering personally identifying information may serve as notice to the College for the purpose of triggering an investigation​​