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KCC > Community > Campus Security > Safe Areas During Weather Emergencies

Safe Areas During Weather Emergencies

The following locations have been designated safety areas for weather emergencies including tornadoes. These areas also may be appropriate during other severe weather situations.

  • College Center corridor south of the Miner Memorial Library 
  • Hallway outside Technology/Business and health careers administration office.
  • Health Careers Center for Excellence interior rooms away from windows.
  • Technology building east-west and north-south corridors
  • Prairie Building Room W103, Room W106, and the Prairie Room-RoomW109 and Room W111
  • Lower level of the library, south wall of carrel area and Rooms L161 and Room L165
  • First floor restrooms in College Center, Miner Memorial Library, Technology/Science/Workforce Development Center
  • South bank of retention pond
  • Workforce Development Center first floor interior rooms away from windows
  • South wall of the building presently occupied
  • Art and Sciences Building first floor interior rooms away from windows
  • Locker rooms and restrooms in Activities Building
  • West campus buildings interior restrooms
  • Occupants of KCCs fitness center in the Ice Valley Centre can go to lower level interior rooms away from windows, excluding the ice rink.
  • Outdoor area away from building which is lower than ground level such as a ditch or swale

For more tips, review this information from Illinois Emergency Services and Disaster Relief.