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Sexual Misconduct

In compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act, KCC states its position and sanctions concerning forcible and non-forcible sex offenses. KCC has adopted the following policy for preventing forcible and non-forcible sex offenses while providing a healthy working and learning environment:

Prohibited conduct

Sexual assault

The commission or attempt of a sexual assault including rape, acquaintance rape and other sex offenses by college employees or students is prohibited in campus buildings, on campus grounds, or at any college-sponsored activity. Penalties for student violators might include suspension or dismissal.

Discrimination and sexual harassment

As prohibited by applicable state and federal laws and regulations, KCC does not condone discrimination or sexual harassment by any employee against students
or by any student(s) toward another student(s). Students suspecting instances of discrimination or sexual harassment should contact the dean of student development or the affirmative action officer to report such events and to be advised as to college policy regarding these issues. The dean of student development or the affirmative action officer can provide students with copies of the college’s “Administrative Procedures for Student Complaints and Grievances of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment."

Reporting a concern

As required, KCC has developed and implemented a Campus Threat Assessment Team to address behavior that could pose a threat to the campus community or facility. Students and employees of the college are usually the first to notice when a member of the community is distressed or behaving in a potentially dangerous or disruptive manner.

In an emergency: Call 911, or KCC security at 815-802-8190, or 5555 from any campus phone, or utilize a security phone in the parking lot. Non-emergency referrals: email; phone the associate dean of student development at 815-802-8524; or phone 815-802-8199 or 815-802-8195.

All concerns and reports are confidential.

Student violations and discipline

Penalties for forcible and non-forcible offenses are detailed in the KCC Code of Conduct found in the college catalog.

Rights of due process

Rights of due process for employees and/or students are addressed in the student discipline procedures and the college’s Personnel Policy and Procedures Handbook.

Policy review

This policy is subject to change without notice as federal regulations or court orders require.

Dissemination of policy and rules

  • All students and employees will receive a copy of the college’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • Failure of an employee or student to receive a copy of the Sexual Misconduct Policy will not constitute a defense for violating the college’s policy and rules.

Awareness program

The college will institute and maintain an Awareness Program to inform employees and students about: a) The college’s policy and the penalties for violations; b) awareness of rape, acquaintance rape and other sex offenses; and c) available counseling for victims and offenders.

Student assistance

The victim may request a change of schedule if the requested change can be accommodated. The college’s policy/program administrator is the dean of student development,

Support and assistance

For the benefit of both students and employees, the college has a number of alternative assistance and support services for sexual assault. Student Services counselors also may provide lists of a broad range of referral agencies and organizations which offer free or inexpensive services to residents of the community.
A partial list is provided here:

Children’s Home and Aid Society of Illinois


Harbor House

815-932-5800 (24-hour hotline)
815-432-3500 (Watseka)

Kankakee Police Social Services

815-933-0417 (24-hour hotline)

KC-CASA—Kankakee County Center
Against Sexual Assault

815-932-3322 (24-hour hotline)

Presence St. Mary’s Hospital


Riverside Medical Center