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Green Drinks

Green Drinks Kankakee, sponsored by KCC's Council for Community Sustainability, meets monthly at local restaurants and features speakers on various green topics. Visit our Green Drinks page for details.

The Green Scene

What's happening in the local green scene? Read this quarterly publication provided by the Sustainability Center at KCC and find out! Printed publications are available at local libraries and included as an insert in The Daily Journal newspaper.

Summer 2013 issue - The Kankakee Farmers' Market, green lawn care, why buy and sell locally?

Back issues are available in our Green Scene archive

The Green Minute

Got a minute? Learn more about living the green life. The Green Minute gives you short, easy-to-remember facts and ideas for becoming a more responsible citizen of the planet.

Each 1-minute episode is available as a podcast. Use iTunes to access WKCC podcasts. When you click on the podcast link, an iTunes-U webpage will launch. The Green Minute tab of WKCC's page will open within iTunes.

Greening your curriculum

An online faculty professional development tool. GYC Overview  GYC Curriculum 

Looking for a green job?

Learn more and get involved

Why get involved? Because... "Climate, soil, air, water, energy resources, food, fisheries, and biodiversity are all elements of the global commons, and all have prospects that range from uncertain to perilous."