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E-waste Recycling

What is e-Waste and what harm can it do?

example of e-waste or electronic wasteE-waste is a short version of the term "electronic waste," which refers to electronic entertainment, communication, data manipulation and information storage gadgets which are at or near the end of their useful lives.

Besides the shear volume of this component of the waste stream, there are hazardous materials contained in them which can be released causing environmental problems. These are:

  • Lead and arsenic – in cathode ray tubes and solder
  • Selenium – in circuit boards
  • Polybrominated flame retardants – in plastic casings, cables, circuit boards
  • Cadmium – circuit boards and semiconductors
  • Chromium and Cobalt – in steel for corrosion protection and magnetivity
  • Mercury – in switches and housing

It is illegal in Illinois to dispose of e-waste in trash

If you live in the Kankakee area, use one of the following options for e-waste disposal. You also may be able to turn in your old equipment for recycling where you purchase your new gadget. Ask about this option when you buy!

The Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KRMA) operates two e-waste drop-off sites in the area:

  • Kankakee Department of Public Works – 401 W. Oak St., Kankakee
  • Bradley Department of Public Works – 210 E. Broadway, Bradley

Call 815-933-0444 for more information and hours of operation.

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