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Green Scene Archive

GreenScene_18_20120624Why buy and sell locally? Kankakee Farmers Market, green lawn care, Kristen Larson
GreenScene_17_20130312Sustainability education at KCC and local middle school, Chris Shoup, ONU featured business
GreenScene_16_20121220Natural areas of the Kankakee region, forest preserve sites, Marianne Hahn, Aqua Illinois featured business
GreenScene_15_20120712Sustainability and Business, sustainability initiatives at local companies
GreenScene_14_20120522Benefits of Local food, Community Supported Agriculture, campus gardens
GreenScene_13_20120327Recycling, New RVR facility, 2012 Sustainability Expo, What to do with e-waste?
GreenScene_12_20111217Building energy efficiency, local successes in energy efficiency
GreenScene_11_20110714Transportation alternatives and sustainability, the value of public transportation
GreenScene_10_201105015Sustainable landscaping, KCC’s Horticulture Club, local garden clubs
GreenScene_09_20110317Wind power in Illinois, KCC’s wind tower and small wind courses
GreenScene_08_20101201Energy Efficiency and buildings, Green buildings in the City of Kankakee
GreenScene_07_20100708Water an Issue of Global Importance, Kankakee River facts
GreenScene_06_20100513Local Foods and Farmer’s Markets, urban gardens
GreenScene_05_20100312Why recycling is important, Task Force Hammer, E-Waste recycling
GreenScene_04_20090924Weatherization, staying warm and saving money and energy
GreenScene_03_20090623Sustainable agriculture, local growers at the farmer’s market
GreenScene_02_20090403Geothermal systems, green buildings in Kankakee
GreenScene_01_20090120Introducing the Sustainability Council and sustainability initiatives