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Solar Photovoltaic Lecture

View a mini-lecture on the basics of solar-photovoltaic power given by Tim Wilhelm, an expert in solar-photovoltaic, solar thermal, and small wind energy systems. Professor Wilhelm is the program coordinator and professor for the Electrical Technology program at KCC, which includes the following training areas: Industrial Electrical Technology; Industrial Machinery Maintenance; and, Renewable Energy Technology.

Professor Wilhelm also manages Stelle Telephone Company, a small, rural Telephone Mutual Corporation, serving the village of Stelle. STC is the first solar-powered digital telephone exchange in the U.S., and also the first solar-powered internet service provider.

This segment is part of an ongoing KCC series geared to students in kindergarten through grade 12 to build sustainability awareness. The segments are approximately 15 minutes in length and are  recordings of live Skype interactive presentations to classrooms in the KCC district.