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Sandwiches, Soups, Salads and Snacks

Between classes, grab a sandwich, cup of soup or a slice of cheesecake to keep your energy level up!

Debit and Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards are accepted.

Hot Panini sandwiches   Price 
The Hammes - ham, honey mustard, Swiss cheese, red onion, lettuce
and tomato, on Ciabatta and grilled to perfection
Grilled cheese  $2.75
Grilled ham and cheese  $3.25


Soups, cold sandwiches, salads Price
Soup of the day  $1.85/$2.35
Sandwiches - ham, turkey, or roast beef, served on 7" bun $4.25
Garden salad - tomato, green pepper, cucumber, red onion $3.25 
Cobb salad - egg, bacon bits, tomato, cheese, cucumber $3.45
Caesar salad - chicken, parmesan cheese, red onion $3.55


Snacks  Price 
Carrots and ranch dip $2.25
Yogurt parfaits $1.25
Plain cheesecake $3.00
Cherry cheesecake $3.25
Chips $1.00
Pastries, muffins, donuts $1.25