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Faculty Sites

Faculty websites provide information to students, future students and the community about KCC professors and assistant professors. Content on faculty websites will be professional and college-related.

Faculty are provided a site with biographical content and the option to add other content.

Choose to maintain your own content...

You can choose to maintain your own content or to have Marketing and Public Relations maintain it.

Faculty who maintain their own content can choose to add additional pages, documents, links, and images to their site. Those who choose to maintain their own content are responsible for ensuring the content is up-to-date.

Please be aware that  large multimedia files cannot be stored on KCC’s web server and must be stored on another server.

...or not

If you choose not to maintain your content, Marketing and Public Relations will create a site that contains contact information, courses you teach, your education and experience. Use the faculty website request form to initially request a site and to update biographical information.

Request a faculty site

To request the creation of a faculty site, complete and return the faculty website request form to via email.

Support and training are provided

Marketing and Public Relations provides support and Continuing Education provides training.

Faculty site content is not required to go through the approval workflow. That means pages are published immediately when you click the "Publish" button. Any faculty member who prefers to have his/her content reviewed before publishing, may contact Ellen Skelly at or 815-802-8279.