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Annual Appeal

For every 1,000 adults in KCC’s district, nearly 400 attend KCC at some point in their lives. A KCC education improves the quality of life for our students and the community. 

One of KCC's 2012 scholarship winners, Kendrick Williamson, describes how KCC scholarships made a difference. The following letter was written by Williamson in late 2012.

Ensure that KCC has the resources it needs to assist students like Kendrick achieve their goals by contributing to a KCC scholarship fund.

Kendrick Williamson

Husband, father, 2nd-generation KCC student, and scholar

If anyone tells you that a memory can’t shape your life, don’t believe them. I am a student at KCC, pursuing my degree in horticulture, and memories from my childhood are what brought me back to college.

I have always loved being outdoors. As a child, I often helped my mother with her “prized roses.” It was a single bush in our front yard, and they were special. People would often stop to ask if they could take clippings from it because they were so beautiful. I loved watching the care she put into those roses, and the pride that came from sharing them with other people.

Whether I helped her with that bush, or cutting grass, or helping my best friend’s father with his garden (a garden we often got chased out of when playing ball), some of my best memories took place outdoors. Those memories are shaping who I am today – a student in the horticulture program at KCC. When I finish my degree, my goal is to open my own business – perhaps as a wholesaler in the floral industry, or a landscape architect.

KCC has been a tradition for my family. My mother is a KCC graduate, my son attended KCC, and now I am a KCC student. And I can proudly say that I am a scholar. This year, I received scholarships from the Central Illinois Green Club, and from the Kankakee Valley Garden Club. Today, even the most affordable college education can be a strain. But thanks to these scholarships, that burden is lighter.

I have lived in this community my entire life, and plan to stay here after I finish college. I’m not unique in that. “In fact, nearly 40% of adults living in the KCC district attended KCC at some point in their lives.  With more than $175,000 awarded each year, imagine the difference scholarships played in many of these people’s lives!  When you invest in someone’s education, you make an investment in a person, a family, our community, and beyond.

I will be forever grateful to the donors who have helped fund my education. That is why I am asking you to give back to KCC – because I know the impact your support can have. Enclosed is a giving envelope offering opportunities to support programs and scholarships. I hope you will contribute to one of these funds to ensure the college has the resources it needs to assist students in achieving their goals. Please consider a gift.

My wish for you is the gift of a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season filled with memories of your own!


Kendrick Williamson
KCC Horticulture Student