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Women's Giving Circle

KCC Foundation Women's Giving Circle logoWomen have always strengthened their communities through gifts of time, talent and treasure. At the end of the 20th century, women’s giving circles grew because women had new-found capacity for philanthropy.

The word “giving” in giving circles is used because women think of themselves as givers. These groups are called “circles” because women relate to non-hierarchical, egalitarian and inclusive models. 

Source: Women’s Giving Circles, Reflections from the Founders, by Sondra Shaw Hardy for the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

100 women give $1,000 to raise $100,000

The KCC Foundation Women’s Giving Circle changes lives and creates opportunity for KCC students.

We are seeking 100 donors who will give $1,000 annually. We also are grateful for any gift.
The giving levels are: $1,000 Endeavor  •  $500 Empower  •  $100 Educate

This new initiative was created to offer resources to students who need additional support, and provides support such as child care, increased access to technology and help following the loss of job or other life changes that prevent completion of college.

Why should I help?

  • Your support will educate students who face barriers to achieving a certificate or degree
  • When you invest in students, you empower them to be successful
  • Your gift creates a path for students to endeavor to achieve more and enhance our community.

Recipients will be grateful for your gift and will have a personal understanding of the power of philanthropy. Of KCC students, 60 percent are female, and their average age is 31. Many of these women balance family and work with attending college part-time. After being away from the classroom for so long, they face challenges such as  regaining confidence in their abilities, finding resources and overcoming anxieties. In the end, when a woman advances her life, it makes a difference for her, her children and the entire community.

How will the funds be used?

Once the Women's Giving Circle fund reaches $20,000, it will begin to distribute grants to students who are referred by a faculty member. Potential student needs:

  • Tuition assistance
  • Childcare/eldercare
  • Technology
  • Books
  • Medical emergencies
  • Family crisis

Make a gift

Please make a gift in support of the Women's Giving Circle. Complete the online giving form or contact the KCC Foundation. All contributions are tax deductible under the provisions of §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please complete electronically or manually, save a copy, print and mail the giving form to:
KCC Foundation
100 College Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901

For more information, call Kelly Myers, executive director of the KCC Foundation, at 815-802-8260 or email

Thank you to all of our donors for your support!

​Sarah Andreina ​Marla Kuntz
​Alice Argyelan ​Connie Lambert
​Janet Avendano ​Kimberly Larsen
​Karen Barker ​Connie Lemon
​Janine Baron ​Jeanne Lindberg
​Bridget Bertrand-Essington ​Colette Magor
​Jacqueline Billings ​Mike Mahoney
​Cathy Boicken ​Steve Makepeace
​The Honorable Kathy Eliott ​Barb Mantoan
​Mary Bridgwater ​Marilyn Maskel
​Sheri Cagle ​Rexann McKinley
​Alan Cheney ​Betty Meents
​Jill Christy ​Kelly Myers
​Imani Cobb ​Jill Naese
​Dr. Kristine Condon ​Alison Nakaerts
​Tracy Conner ​Kari Nugent
​Cierra Davis ​Chief Justice Mary Kay O'Brien
​Cindy DeGroot ​Sue Offen
​Steve DePasquale ​Kay Pangle
​Nicki DePatis ​Alice Parker
​Debra Dilks ​Lindsay Parkhurst-Mageria
​Diane Downs ​Ted Petersen
​The Honorable Lisa Dugan ​Lynn Piggush
​Liz East ​Kim Piggush
​Dr. Emily Fisher-Gentry ​Cindi Reddish
​Maggie Frogge ​Anne Reilly
​Kathy Gagliano ​Karen Richards
​Juli Gereg ​Tess Rowland
​Laurie Gilmore ​Lisa Sanford
​Kim Gingerich ​Sheryl Scanlon
​Dr. Kay Green ​Janice Simms
​Joshua Gregoire ​Kathryn Smith
​Adrianne Haley ​Laurel Soper
​Lisa Hammes ​Eric Springer
​Jacalyn Hawker ​Peggy Strange
​Kellee Hayes ​Deb Sutherland
​Bernice Hinrichs ​Nancy Tholen
​Rebecca Hinrichs ​Kristi Thomas
​June Hoekstra ​Deanna Thompson
​Mimi Hogan ​Mary Thomson
​Melinda Hogan ​Anne Turner
​Sue Hogan ​Carol Vallone
​Sharon Hoogstraat ​Pat Vilt
​Amanda Irps ​Gisel Waide
​Paula Jacobi ​Dana Washington
​Jean Janssen ​Allen Weaver
​Sandy Jarvis ​Carol Webber
​Darla Jepson ​Melissa Weston
​Lynda Kambic ​Carol Whittington
​Donna Karlock ​Society of Women in Law
​Lisa Kick ​18 Hole Ladies Golf League
​Rochelle Kunkel