Building Legacy - Changing Lives

KCC's comprehensive campaign closes

At the end of December 2011, KCC and the KCC Foundation are closing the Building Legacy – Changing Lives campaign. The KCC Foundation initiated the five-year campaign in 2006, as the college celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The campaign identified three areas that needed to grow, based on student needs.

  1. Health Careers Center for Excellence
  2. Workforce solutions
  3. Supporting our students


Since 2006, donors have invested $2,557,953.40 in KCC. We happily report that with your gifts we have

  1. Remodeled an existing building into a new Health Careers Center for Excellence
  2. Developed customized education and training packages for corporations such as NUCOR and Riverside Medical Center
  3. Created 34 new scholarships to support KCC students.

Our campaign chairmen, Steve Smith and Tim Gernon, said it best, “KCC is about changing lives.” This campaign accomplished that goal. KCC has served the community since 1966, and has built a legacy of support for students who, in large part, live and work in our neighborhoods. The KCC Foundation thanks those of you who gave for your investment in KCC and in the community.