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2014 - Molly Ferrell

Molly is in her third semester of the nursing program. She is also an assistant cheerleading coach at Kankakee High School. Molly took 24 credit hours in the fall of 2013 because she received scholarships from the KCC Foundation that paid for that many classes. She is a hard worker and does what is necessary to attain her goals.

Molly's parent's divorced in 2010 and she pitched in, putting family ahead of her own goals. Molly dropped out of KCC at that time to work at two part time jobs and care for her two younger siblings. After saving up for classes and reapplying for the nursing program, Molly was able to focus on her education again. She is doing really well in the nursing program and was recommended by her division for this scholarship. She explained that much of her confidence is the result of what she has learned from helping her family. She has no regrets in assisting her family to get back on track following her parents' divorce, rather she enjoys helping others. Molly is sincere and passionate about nursing. She has a special quality. She is the nurse that you want with you when things are really bad. Molly said that receiving the Century Scholars Scholarship would allow her to focus on her studies because finances continue to be a challenge for her family.

Molly would like to be the face of Century Scholars and share her KCC experience with the community. She plans to attend Governors State University when she graduates from KCC so she can remain close to her family. She wants to live in Kankakee after getting her bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing.