Apply for Admission

1. Submit an Admissions Form

Complete a KCC Admissions Form at least 3-4 months before the term you wish to attend. Please answer all applicable questions, check all applicable boxes and sign. Submit the form 

  • by email to
  • by fax to 815-802-8521
  • by mail to KCC
    Office of Admissions and Registration
    100 College Drive
    Kankakee, IL 60901   

You will receive an acceptance letter 2-3 weeks after your admissions form has been processed. Since KCC has an open admissions policy, you do not need to wait for an acceptance letter to move to the next step.

Health career programs have an additional, separate admission process.

For more information, review KCC's admissions policy.

2. Request transcripts

Using the transcript request form, ask your high school or GED testing center and any colleges you have attended previously to mail an official transcript directly to:

KCC Office of Admissions and Registration
100 College Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901

Photocopies and faxes are not accepted as official.

If you are registering at KCC before you graduate from high school, request that your current transcript be mailed to KCC now and a final transcript be mailed after graduation. Your current transcript will be used for advisement purposes.

3. Apply for financial aid

Visit the FAFSA website and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Also complete a KCC Foundation Scholarship application. Printed copies of these forms are available at local high schools and in KCC's Office of Financial Aid, located in Student Services.

You are encouraged to apply for financial aid by May 1 if you plan to attend KCC in the fall or by Sept. 1 if you plan to attend KCC the following spring. The application deadline for most KCC scholarships is April 9 for awards given in the fall.

You must submit a KCC admissions form and a FAFSA before KCC's Financial Aid Office can process your file.

For more information, phone 815-802-8550.

4. Take a placement test

The purpose of the COMPASS test is to place you in the classes most appropriate to your academic ability. COMPASS testing is recommended for all students pursuing a degree or enrolling in an English or math course. You will not be denied admission to KCC based on your placement scores; however, you may need to enroll in preparatory courses before taking other higher-level courses.

If you took the ACT and received scores at the designated levels in English and math, those scores can be used in place of the COMPASS test.

If you would like your ACT scores on file at KCC, request that scores be sent electronically to KCC's Office of Admissions and Registration The ACT code number for KCC is 010530. For details on ordering scores, consult a KCC advisor.

New students may test on a walk-in basis during testing center hours. For more information, visit the testing center's website or phone 815-802-8500. The placement test takes about 2 1/2 hours. Please allow an additional 15 to 20 minutes before testing to verify eligibility with an adviser. Therefore, please arrive at least three hours before the Testing Center closes. The COMPASS test is free. 

5. See an advisor

Phone 815-802-8500 and schedule an appointment with an academic advisor after finishing your test. Potentially, you can test and meet with an advisor on the same day. Your academic advisor will be assigned based on your chosen curriculum.

6. Attend orientation

All new KCC students are encouraged to attend orientation. This session will provide important information about KCC's services, policies and procedures and provide the opportunity to discuss academic expectations with a faculty member. You can register for a session during your first advisement appointment.