The state of Illinois requires KCC to confirm which students live within the district, out-of-district, and out-of-state, and to charge tuition appropriately. You must submit a photo ID to confirm your residency.

State and district residency

To be classified as a resident of the district, you must have occupied a dwelling in the community college district for 30 days immediately prior to the beginning of the semester and you must demonstrate district residency by providing a high school transcript, a driver's license, a voter's registration card, or other requested documentation.

You may be exempted from the 30-day requirement if you have moved from outside the district and can verify that you established a permanent residence without the primary intent of attending a community college.

map of KCC 520 district boundariesResidents of a contiguous community college district whose "home" high school, due to consolidation of high school districts, is within KCC's district will be considered in-district residents for purposes of tuition assessment and admission to programs.

If you do not reside in District 520 but work at least 35 hours or more a week within the district, you are eligible for in-district tuition. You must provide proof of employment by submitting a signed affidavit from your in-district employer on company letterhead stating you are employed for 35 hours or more per week.

If you own property within the district, you will be assessed in-district tuition if acceptable documentation is provided.

If you take exception to the residency status assigned and/or tuition assessed, you must pay the tuition assessed but may file a claim in writing to the Office of Admissions and Registration for a reconsideration of residency status and/or an adjustment of the tuition assessed. For purposes of admission, the written claim must be filed 20 calendar days from the start of the term/semester.

For more information, please contact the Office of Admissions and Registration at 815-802-8520.