High School and College Transcripts

High School transcripts

An official high school transcript is required. Request from the high school you last attended an official transcript, to be sent directly to KCC. If you earned a General Education Diploma (GED), you may submit a GED certificate in place of your high school transcript. Keep in mind that a GED may not meet specific program requirements where a high school prerequisite course and transcript verification is required.

To make the request, complete and send the high school transcript request form to your high school's records office.

College transcripts

You may also receive credit for college courses completed at other institutions, if they pertain to your program of study and you attended an accredited college or university. Official transcripts from colleges you've previously attended are required to receive credit for courses completed at other schools. Use the college transcript request form to send a request to each college you have attended.

If you'd like credit for other colleges' courses, submit a transfer evaluation request to the Admissions and Registration Office.