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Alternate Credit

You have the choice of earning continuing education credit for some courses, an option similar to auditing a class. In this case, you do not have the pressure of earning a letter grade. Instead, you receive a "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" grade, which does not affect your GPA. You do not receive college credit for the course.

Regular tuition and fees are charged.

Courses with an alternate credit option are noted in the class schedule.  

Pass/Fail temporary policy due to COVID-19:

  • All courses will be included in the Pass/Fail option for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020.
  • Students can expand beyond the maximum of 10 semester hours of Pass/Fail.
  • The deadline for a student to request a Pass/Fail is 5/8/2020.
  • Any student enrolled in Spring 2020 and/or Summer 2020 receiving Pass/Fail grades will have no Pass/Fail credits counted against them for the 10 credit hour Pass/Fail maximum for graduation.

Pass/Fail grading

The pass/fail grading option is designed to allow you an alternative grading option.

A maximum of 10 semester hours, which apply to your curriculum, may be earned using the pass/fail grading option. Only select courses are designated pass/fail; consult the course descriptions. You must request the pass/fail option by completing a written request. Consult with the Office of Admissions and Registration for details.

You must perform at a level of C or better to receive a satisfactory grade. This grade is not included in your grade-point average but is included in the calculation of hours attempted.

If you perform below a C level, you will receive an F grade, representing no credit earned. This grade will be included in the grade point average and the calculation of hours attempted.​​​​​