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Course Numbers

Courses are identified by a code of four letters and four numbers.

The four letters represent the subject or program prefix. For example, ECON is the prefix for economics classes.

The four numbers indicate the following:

  • 0000 - 0999: identifies the course as a college preparatory course. Such courses are not applicable to a college degree program.
  • 1000 - 1499 and 2000 - 2499: identifies the course as part of a career program. The courses in a career program are not designed to transfer to four-year colleges or universities - although in some cases they may.
  • 1500 - 1999 and 2500 - 2999: identifies the course as part of a transfer program. While these courses are intended to transfer to a college or university, students should work closely with a KCC advisor to ensure proper transfer of courses.

The final digit of the course number indicates the number of credit hours awarded.