Enroll in Classes

First-time student? You must submit an admissions form before registering for classes..

1. Apply for financial aid

Each year, you must re-apply for financial aid. If you haven't done so already, visit the FAFSA website and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Also complete a KCC Foundation Scholarship application. Printed copies of these applications are also available at local high schools and in KCC's Office of Financial Aid, in Student Services.

You are encouraged to apply for financial aid by May 1 if you plan to attend KCC in the fall or by Sept. 1 if you plan to attend KCC the following spring. The application deadline for most KCC scholarships is in April for awards given in the fall. For more information, phone 815-802-8550 or visit the KCC scholarships website.

2. See an advisor

If you are a new student, are planning on enrolling in more than 9 hours or are working towards a certificate or degree you must meet with an advisor before registering for classes. Make an appointment by calling 815-802-8500 or emailing studentservices@kcc.edu.

3. Register for classes

There are three ways to register for classes - online, in person and by phone. Learn details on how to register and other registration information.

4. Pay for classes

In order to ensure that your registration is confirmed, pay for your classes. During pre-registration you may register without paying, but you must pay before the last day to pay posted on the academic calendar. Choose from a number of payment options.

All college credit students are required to have a KCC photo ID and to have it validated every semester/term. After paying for your classes, go to the library to obtain or validate your ID.

5. Buy books

Expect to pay on average about $600 per semester for textbooks and supplies if you are taking 15 semester hours. Books and supplies are available at the KCC bookstore or can be purchased online. Used books are available at a lower price so you may be able to reduce your textbook cost. Also, KCC does buy back books at the end of the semester.