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Repeats and Audits

Repeating a course

You may repeat a College Credit Division course one time if you previously received a D or F. You will receive credit only for the latter enrollment. You may not repeat for credit any course for which you earned an A, B or C, unless the course description specifically says it may be repeated. Exceptions may be allowed for career programs where there is a considerable time lapse. Contact the dean of instruction for approval.

If you transfer to another college, all grades earned might be included to compute your grade point average, even if a class was repeated. Check with your advisor for more information.

Auditing a course

You may choose to audit a course if you prefer to explore a particular course or field of study in a non-graded situation. In this case, you participate in the course without the pressure of grades for exams and some other course requirements.

No credit is earned for audited courses nor does the course count toward your enrollment status.

Regular tuition and fees are charged.

Registrations for audited classes are accepted only during the "late registration" period.