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Carolyn Jacobson

Five years ago I started going to KCC’s Fitness Center and can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. The Life Fitness brand machines they have are easy and safe to use and there are also all the free weights and cable machines you could ask for. 

Carolyn JacobsonBecause of a couple of serious illnesses, I was unable to go to the Fitness Center for almost a year.  Upon my return the new decor and all the health and fitness information that adorn the walls is so helpful and welcoming. Since I was still recovering from my health issues I needed to be careful and work on building my strength back up. 

I decided working with Yvonne Mills as a personal trainer would be a smart step for me.  And it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Yvonne designed a program specifically for me that has improved my strength and stamina and even slimmed my waistline. Working with her has been inspiring and her professionalism as well as her compassion have spurred me into a greater level of fitness.

This semester I am also taking the low impact aerobics class that Yvonne teaches. Talk about getting your heart rate going! Honestly it is great fun to work-out in the class with other folks who are all sweating as much as you are. 

And when you can see the changes in your everyday life you know it is all worth it. For example, I have flown twice this year to California to visit my son and the first time, which was before beginning the class and working with Yvonne, I was unable to lift my carry-on suitcase into the overhead bin. However, my second trip I could do it easily. As an avid gardener, in the past I had a difficult time toting the mulch bags around - but not any more.

It’s funny - you don’t hear people saying they wish they hadn’t worked out - because we know that having a safe and effective work-out propels you into a fuller and more rewarding life. And this is exactly what using KCC’s Fitness Center and working with Yvonne have done for me.