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John Kessler

John Kessler‚ÄčI was never an athlete growing up, so when I decided to start working out at the Fitness Center, like most I didn't really know how. The elliptical trainer was my machine of choice, so I would use it for 45 minutes, do one round on the weight machines and call it my workout. Generally I was convinced that just going was good enough but after 10 years I wasn't seeing much improvement.

Then KCC started a new Personal Trainer on staff, Yvonne Mills, so I decided to give her a try. During our first meeting she asked me to have an open mind about my workout and explained the importance of strength training to improve balance. She then formulated workout sessions specific and unique to me.

After three months, I could tell that things were improving. After six months I feel stronger, my balance has improved and I've lost some weight.

I have to admit, in the beginning I was a little intimidated by Personal Trainers but Yvonne took all the stress out of it. She is extremely knowledgeable, talented and genuinely wants to help you improve. I have assured some of my doubting friends if they give it three months and don't feel the same way, I would give them their money back!