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Lamanda Garcia

Lamanda GarciaI have always been interested in fitness. But after 2 kids, I had little time or energy to take care of myself.  I was tired of seeing myself in photos and not being able to play with my kids the way I wanted. 

So when I started at KCC, I immediately joined the Weight Watcher meetings held on campus and joined the fitness center. Like most people I was skeptical of WW, I had resigned myself to always being overweight. I have overweight parents and numerous family members. 

When I weighed in for the beginning weight I was shocked, 194.4 lbs.! I was ready to make the changes needed to get my weight under control. With the help and inspiration of the WW leader, Claire, I was able to start shedding the pounds. It was a slow process. But you cannot make such drastic changes overnight. You have to realize that it doesn’t matter how slow you go just as long as you keep going. 

With my eating habits getting better, I also wanted to get physically healthy too. So, I registered for a fitness class, Total Body Conditioning, with Yvonne Mills. If someone would have explained in detail what this class would be like before I registered, I don’t know if I would have done it. I was consistently challenged. Every class. But I started to see that I was doing more than I was in the beginning. It was amazing to see what I could accomplish when I set my mind to it.

Yvonne was an amazing coach. She pushed me each class. I was only in competition with myself. I frequently was the last one in the class to finish the drills that day. But I finished. I did not give up. I kept moving forward just at my pace.  

A year and a half later, I am 166 lbs. and have lost nearly 2-3 inches from every part of my body. I have great muscle strength and endurance. I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish. I am still going on this journey, this is not the end but a new beginning.