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Mike Wickliff

Mike WickliffEver since I was little, I have always been physically active and involved in sports. Being active in sports made sure I was fit and overall it was just fun for me. I played every sport you can imagine until middle school. It was in 8th grade that I started focusing on basketball mainly. I started lifting weights around 11th grade and I liked the feeling of working hard and seeing results.

Now most people lift weights based off what they see on TV, which is kind of what I did. That is why when I came to Kankakee Community College, I promised myself that I would take advantage of their personal training program. I wanted to learn how to lift correctly, use different machines, work on different muscle groups, and make whatever body part that’s weak, stronger.

The first day I walked in to the fitness center, I met Personal Trainer Yvonne. We went through the fitness center orientation and I was really impressed by her knowledge of the body and the machines. She knows which machine works best for each body part and how many reps you should do.

After signing up and paying for my personal training sessions, I have nothing but positive things to say about trainer Yvonne and the fitness center. She mixes up the training to make sure you don’t get bored with the same exercises (something I very much appreciate). Also, she genuinely cares not only about your training, but your personal life as well. She always asks how I’m doing each day, how are my grades, and how the basketball season is going. Little things like that, most trainers don’t do. With Ms. Yvonne, it’s more than just business. She truly cares.

I recommend any athlete or person, to sign up for training sessions with Ms. Yvonne. I guarantee you will get better in the area you are trying to improve.