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Jon Meyer

During 2011, I was working for a concrete company and was laid off due to it being seasonal work. While filling for unemployment I discovered the option to go back to school with help from multiple financial aid avenues. Deciding that was the best option for my future and my family I enrolled at KCC in January of 2012. I originally started studying for an AAS in Welding Technology until the Manufacturing Technology became available. I stayed enrolled at KCC full time for a total of three years in order to complete all the programs that I felt would help be to build a career in an area of interest to me. At this time I am finished with schooling having completed 116 total credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.85. As well I am a member Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I hold an AAS in Manufacturing Technology with specializations in Industrial Maintenance, Welding and Machine Tool. I hold numerous certificates under this degree but I also obtained certificates such as, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Power, Industrial Motor Controls, Programmable Logic Controllers, and Millwright, which go hand in hand with this industry.

During the last semester I was enrolled at KCC I was required to complete a Capstone course called The BSNS 2423 Internship Experience. Luckily, I had found employment at Yoshino America Corporation, a bottling company in University Park, just before enrolling in this course. My position at the company is a Maintenance Technician. I am responsible for keeping all equipment in the building running at 100%.My official internship experience lasted sixteen weeks. During this time I had 4 evaluations of my performance, and worked closely with KCC and my employer to incorporate all the knowledge I had gained. All my supervisors worked hard to assist with the internship and were excited about what I could bring to the company. All requirements of the internship were able to be fulfilled through my regular work requirements while continuing through my final 18 credit hour semester.

My knowledge gained at KCC has not only given me an edge but made me a force to be reckoned with. I feel that at this point there is nothing I can’t build, repair, wire, program, or troubleshoot. If there is a task I am not sure about how to complete, my skills can guide me to find a way to complete it correctly. After only six months working as a maintenance technician at Yoshino it’s become very obvious I could not be doing this without all the skills I’ve learned at KCC. However, with those skills it has allowed me to become a vital part of our company and keep us moving forward towards the future. Not only do I know poses the knowledge to complete tasks in my industry but many others as well. The term cross-training comes to mind to hammer home the numerous skills I have.

Going to KCC was the best decision I have ever made. It will forever change my life and the lives of my family. I couldn’t be happier with all the knowledge I gained. Probably the most important part of this experience would be the networking. Even with all the knowledge in the world if no one points you in the direction of where to use it, it becomes useless. KCC has done just that by giving me all the tools necessary and putting me straight into the industry. The problem now isn’t, “how can I do better?” but, instead, “where do I want to go?”