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Cavalier Career Camp Courses

Business & Technology

June 11-14 • 8:30 a.m. - noon
Each day features a different career area to explore.
Cost: $110 for all four days.
Details: Monday-Wednesday drop off/pick up is in Room D121 (enter the doors marked Welcome Center). Thursday drop off/pick up is the lobby at the Manufacturing & Industrial Center, 2580 S. Route 45/52, Kankakee.
Kids may bring a snack or water.
Gift: All participants receive a career camp drawstring bag.





Monday: Experience a thorough overview of being a teacher. Learn about different hands-on and high-tech tools you can use to help students learn. A great intro if you've ever considered becoming a teacher.

gavelLegal_Eagles_Study_ Government.jpg

Legal Eagles Study Government

Tuesday - Take a look at the structures, duties and services of county government. Invent and market a county others will want to visit, live and work. Meet a representative of county government for a first-hand view of making a difference.    


Police Car
Wednesday - Interview witnesses, conduct a crime scene search, collect evidence, and apprehend the suspect. This hands-on police procedure class includes working from inside a real police squad car.





Thursday - Go to KCC’s Manufacturing building to learn the basics of stick and MIG welding. See how electrodes and power come together to join a variety of metals. Make your own souvenir. Jeans and boots required. No shorts, open toe shoes or sneakers. (Note: Drop off/pickup is at 2580 S. Route 45/52, Kankakee)



Jessica Reardanz-Friedericks: Once taught Junior Farmhand Camp during the summers at Bourbonnais Township Park District. Now teaches future teachers.

Kris Condon: Can name all current U.S. Supreme Court justices and has met Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.

Angela Kinstner: 
Illinois State Police master sergeant & former detective/deputy for the Kankakee County Sheriff's Department; totaling 23 years in law enforcement.



Mark Stevenson:
Runs a welding business and teaches at KCC. He owns more than 12 welding helmets. KCC Grad


Meets: June 18-21 • 8:30 a.m. - noon each day
Complete the rounds and learn about six different health occupations. Experience training just like a college student – with simulations, mannequins, actual lab situations.
Cost: $110 for all four days.
Details: Check in location is Room M111. Enter Technology or Prairie doors.
Please wear sneakers. No open toe sandals. Kids may bring a snack or water.
Gift: All students receive a special edition scrub shirt. 


Monday - Discover the world of Nursing! Meet “Stan” and watch him come alive! Explore your very own heart: watch the rhythm, listen to the beat!
Wrap-up: How to get ready for Tuesday. 






Monday - Check oxygen levels with the pulse oximeter, help a baby or adult (manikin) breathe using a resuscitation bag, give a breathing "treatment," do chest percussion.

  Medica_ Laboratory_Technology.jpg


Tuesday: Explore the Laboratory; draw "blood," determine blood types, find sugar in "urine," look at blood cells under a microscope, identify "bugs". 




Xray hands.jpg



Tuesday: See the body through and through with X-ray images; take X-rays of “Rebecca” the mannequin.
Wrap-up: How to get ready for Wednesday. 




Paramedic ambulance

Wednesday: Learn to 'Wrap It Up' like a pro, how to use backboards, splinting and neck braces; take an ambulance tour.




Wednesday: Get moving and think like a physical therapist; Range of Motion, how to use assistive devices, tips to staying healthy.
Wrap-up: How to get ready for Thursday


image of male head and torso



Thursday - Heart Saver CPR, Working together in a multi-career simulation.
Wrap-up: Graduation 



Jaclyn Cruz:
Knows many interesting respiratory facts, including that humans can live with one lung.


Kellee Hayes:
Became a nurse at age 21. Has worked more than 27 years in hospitals, including Pediatric Department.


Glenda Forneris: Knows her way around a microscope. Also, has "streaked" many times ... to identify bacteria causing an infection (of course).

Sheri Cagle: Leads and manages KCC’s Health Careers Division, which is dedicated to teaching those who care for and preserve human life.

Nicole Stotts: Gets excited by spontaneous neuromuscular recovery. She can also manage five or more pieces of equipment while gait training.

Sue Mosier: Has worked as a paramedic/firefighter for 36 years. Also teaches at KCC.

Jackie Boomsma: Paramedic who saves lives while driving fast and running red lights … in an ambulance. After years of safety training. 


Darla Jepson: Can name all 206 bones in the adult human body.