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GirlSTEAM Courses

2018 courses will be announced in April.
Until then, review 2017 classes here....

Each one-day course focuses on one or more STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, art and math). Learn more about the GirlSTEAM program and registration options.

Girls with chemistry beakersThe Cookie Jar Mystery

Girls use real lab techniques and materials, create theories about the “crime,” and test their hypotheses much like scientists. As they solve the mystery, girls get a realistic experience to explore careers in forensics and become acquainted with scientific procedures.

Instructor: Julie Morris; assistant: Michael Bielski

Roller coasterAutomata Art

Automatons are mechanical moving sculptures. Girls will combine simple machines with art by designing and building their own automata! To start, girls will learn engineering concepts. Then, they’ll conceptualize and create unique works of art to set in motion.

Instructor: Christina Loraine; assistant: Jennifer Berns

Girls building a sollutionOut of the Box

Innovative engineers, designers, and inventors carry a secret weapon in their tool kits: creativity. We’ll talk about how to think so far out that the box disappears! We’ll examine creative problem solving, and will make a tiny dancer pirouette using only three things, plus three magnets.

Instructor: Chris Shoup; assistant: Amanda Shoup.

Koala in a treeFun with Color

Do you love science AND art? Come have fun with color! We will be creative with tie dye, monochromatic art, sun prints, marbleized paper, and potato printing.

Instructor: Lee Ann Brandt; assistant: Mindy Kimmel.

Two girls designing a robotic armMind Your Own Business!

Young entrepreneurs will try out concepts like market demand for several services. Girls also will see how to manage a bank account, watch income and expenses, and save for the short- and long-term. Creative skills will get a workout on a digital flier to advertise your business.

Instructor: Ann Moody; assistant: Constance Beatty.


Mandalas are more than a design fad – they are found in nature and have been used as symbols to represent the universe for some religions. Girls will learn the geometry and symmetry of mandalas. Girls will create their own mandalas, using valuable artist techniques like stenciling!

Instructor: Christina Loraine; assistant: Jennifer Berns.

Eggs-traordinary Physics Camp for girlsEggs-traordinary Physics Camp

Introductory physics concepts are integrated into a number of activities. Girls will learn things like how to
launch a rubber chicken, balance, spin and throw stone eggs, and create an egg drop capsule.

Instructor: Constance Beatty; assistant: Michael Bielski.

agriculture-horticulture.jpgThe Science of Energy

Girls will make connections between the different types of energy and how they make our lives more comfortable. Activities include making a solar oven and investigating blade design on a wind turbine.

Instructor: Tracy Selock; assistant: Janet Martin.

Girl holding moneyIt All Takes Fuel!

Girls will observe the formation, production and uses of oil and natural gas. There will be info on alternative fuels for transportation – including hydrogen fuel cars. Activities include pretzel power, transportation enigma, photovoltaics and powering a remote control car with hydrogen.

Instructor: Constance Beatty; assistant: Michael Bielski

Automated merry go roundSTEM Through the Ages

This course combines economics, currency, agriculture and travel. Girls will explore innovations of the Medieval Ages, along with how people had desire to be successful during trying times. Girls will use technological innovations of the time to make paper, butter and cheese. They’ll also explore engineering ideas that were used to travel and track time.

Instructor: Rebecca Martin Berry; assistant: Jennifer Berns.

Automated merry go roundReally Rad Robotics

Explore the history of robots, different uses of robots, and look into the future. Girls will participate in several hands-on activities, and can even create their own robots. The Kankakee School District Robotics Team will help with a Robotic Competition in the afternoon!

Instructor: Jennifer Berns; assistant: TBA.

Automated merry go roundSteam means Sewing

This course will take students into the STEAM side of sewing. Come explore the artistic and technical nature of sewing. We will create a tote bag, felt ornament, holiday wreath, and a mouse in a box.

Instructor: Lee Ann Brandt; assistant: Mindy Kimmel.