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Advanced Certificate Series

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Once-a-month sessions provide classroom and experiential learning activities about organizational leadership in a higher education setting. John F. Kennedy Quote

Choose from

  • A la carte selection of individual courses - $150 per course
  • 10-course Basic and Advanced Certificate series - $1,325

This series runs August - December 2018. Each session meets at KCC's Riverfront Campus in Room D124 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Phone: 815-802-8207 - Hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Closed Fridays in June and July)


  1. Go to the Continuing Education course list in KCC Connect.
  2. Search by title or course number.
  3. Select course(s) and click "submit" 
  4. Fill out the registration form and submit it with payment.

Fall Series:

Fostering Innovation

You can foster innovation in the workplace, and this session provides a practical approach. You'll get information based on four innovation practices and innovation actions. The tools and techniques discussed will help you and your teams think differently and generate new ideas to add value to your organization and for your customers. You will learn how to test the best new ideas quickly and how to use the insights gained along the way.
Wednesday, Aug. 22 – LEAD-9200-F16 

Strategies for Influencing Others

Whether it’s an innovative breakthrough or a simple process improvement, it requires a strategy. This course shows you how to package ideas so even the most skeptical individuals will be on board. You'll learn strategies for effectively capturing people’s attention, transforming their perspectives, and gaining their commitment to taking action.
Wednesday, Sept. 19 – LEAD-9300-F16

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Driving Change

When it's time to change, problems plague the majority of initiatives. Approximately 70% of workplace change initiatives fail to achieve their anticipated results. You'll also learn to create an agile work environment where people are more open to change. The session also features three change accelerators to turn resistance into commitment and inspire team members to take ownership of change. 
Wednesday, Oct. 24 – LEAD-9050-F16

Executing Strategy at the Front Line

To achieve business strategies, your organization counts on you, the frontline leader, to lead your team in understanding and executing top priorities  There are three key elements of executing strategy at the front line ─ focus, measurement, and accountability. You'll learn how to focus on the few most critical priorities, measure progress toward the accomplishment of these priorities, and hold yourself and your team members accountable against the metrics.  
Wednesday, Nov. 21 – LEAD-9100-F16 

Set Goals & Review Results

 When employees have ownership over processes and outcomes, they are more engaged and strive for better results. This session will show the positive effect of shifting the traditional role of planner and evaluator from you, the leader, to sharing responsibility with employees. This shift builds ownership with the employee and frees up time for you to focus on coaching and developing throughout the performance cycle.
Wednesday, Dec. 19 – LEAD-9040-F16