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Daniel Moran, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Building Safety Commitment

Commitment is a critical contributor to workplace safety programs, but commitment itself is rarely addressed at a personal level. To make a personal commitment means “to act in the direction of what is most important to you, even in the presence of obstacles.” If you don’t make a proactive commitment to safety, all the technological advances you may be using, whether we’re talking about personal protective equipment (PPE) or behavior- based safety (BBS), will be ineffective. This learning experience will give employees at all levels, information to become proactively committed to safety with training in situational awareness, stress-reduction, and value-directed motivation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define commitment.
  2. Discuss the components of a commitment.
  3. Develop values statements that are aimed to accelerate their motivation for acting safely in the workplace and beyond.
  4. Partake in situational awareness exercises to improve skills related to commitment.
  5. Learn performance management skills to clarify the pinpointed behaviors that increase performance on personally relevant job tasks.
  6. Develop a brief commitment plan which includes an accountability partner.

Speaker Bio

The Senior Vice President of Quality Safety Edge, Dr. Moran has 20 years of experience applying behavioral principles in clinical and business environments and has developed an innovative approach to building leadership commitment to safety improvement.

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, he has conducted safety improvement initiatives in a variety of industries including pulp & paper and petroleum with organizations such as the Kuwait Oil Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, and Boise Paper. His specialties include applied behavioral analysis, organizational behavior management, government consulting, acceptance and commitment therapy, leadership consulting, behavior-based safety, innovation training, sales coaching and executive coaching.

Moran is the past president of the Behavior Analysis Society of Illinois. He has served in elected positions for the Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences and other national and state organizations and is the founder of the MidAmerican Psychological Institute in Chicago.

Moran coauthored ACT in Practice, a professional book focused on complex, applied behavior analysis. He also has written numerous papers on behavior change and evidence-based education. He has spent the last several years combining ACTraining with behavior-based safety and executive coaching for leadership.

Mark Lies

A partner in the Chicago law office of Seyfarth Shaw, Mark Lies primarily is involved in the areas of occupational safety and health law, related personal injury litigation and employment law, including single plaintiff and class action litigation and counseling.

He has represented employers on a national basis in complying with occupational safety and health regulations issued by OSHA and MSHA, as well as representing employers during OSHA and MSHA inspections, OSHA and MSHA citation enforcement proceedings and trial of OSHA cases before federal and state agencies and appeals to federal and state court. In the course of this representation, he also has defended related civil tort actions involving mass personal injury and fatality accidents and property damage claims resulting from fires and explosions at refineries and petrochemical plants, construction accidents, ammonia and other toxic substance releases at food and other processing plants, as well as employee exposure to ergonomic hazards, mold, tuberculosis, SARS, MRSA, lead, asbestos, benzene, cadmium, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic substances. He has extensive experience in disaster preplanning and response, including pandemic preplanning for Avian Flu and Swine Flu (H1N1).