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DIP Alternate Site

You may complete your court supervision obligation at any National Safety Council training location. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to attend an approved DDC-4 Driver Improvement Program at an alternate site.

  1. Call the National Safety Council at (800) 621-7619 and specify that you need to complete a DDC-4 Driver Improvement course.
  2. Pay the alternate site for the course.
  3. Pay the Kankakee/Iroquois County Circuit Clerk for the traffic fine.

No refunds are issued if course payment is made in error to the Kankakee/Iroquois County Circuit Clerk.

Upon course completion at an alternate site, you must send in the original certificate of completion to the Kankakee/Iroquois County Courthouse. No copies or faxes accepted.

  1. Sign the copy of your ticket marked court communications copy (blue copy) in the "Appearance, Plea of Guilty and Waiver" section on the back at the bottom.
  2. Complete and sign the "Plea of Guilty"/Application for Court Supervision form in the Driver Improvement Program packet.
  3. Write a short note stating your intention to complete the course at an alternate site.
  4. Pay the fine by money order. Cash is acceptable only if paying in person at the Kankakee/Iroquois County Courthouse.
  5. Return all of the above to the Kankakee/Iroquois County Circuit Clerk, in the envelope provided, no later than three days before the court appearance date written at the bottom of your ticket.


If you paid cash to the officer as your bond, pay only the Driver Improvement Program course fee to the alternate site. If you submitted a bond card, send payment for your traffic fine to the Kankakee/Iroquois  County Circuit Clerk. Your bond card will be returned by mail.

For a receipt or the return of your driver's license or bond card, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

If you do not have the original envelope to return your materials, send them to the appropriate address

  • Kankakee County Courthouse--Traffic Division, 450 E. Court St., Kankakee IL 60901
  • Iroquois County Courthouse - Traffic Division, 550 S. Tenth St. Watseka IL 60970