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Quality Improvement

ISO 14000 Overview

This seminar will provide participants with a solid introduction to requirements of the ISO 14000 Standard and Environmental Management System (EMS). Topics will include an overview and explanation of the 14000 Standard, the EMS element cycle, environmental aspects and impact, and potential cost savings.

Introduction to Environmental Management Systems

This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and understanding to design, implement, and manage an EMS appropriate to the needs of their organization. This course will benefit mangers responsible for the environment, quality, health and safety, change management and project management.

Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor

This course will provide participants with the “toolbox” needed to perform first, second, and third party audits to the environmental management system ISO 14001. Environmental managers, auditors, quality managers, health and safety managers, and individuals seeking the latest EMS information, auditing skills should attend this workshop.

Six Sigma Overview

This is a one-day, hands-on overview of the Six Sigma project methodology. The workshop will highlight the basics of the Six Sigma processes and the details behind the define-measure-analyze-improve-control (DMAIC) process.

Lean Concepts for Improving Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing helps business owners, mangers and employees improve processes within their business. Participants will learn to identify the “Seven Wastes” and the tools used to eliminate or reduce these wastes, such as Value Stream Mapping, The 5s systems, quick Changeover/setup reduction, and Cellular/Flow.

Lean Manufacturing

This seminar focuses on proven lean manufacturing techniques such as pull systems, flow manufacturing, quick changeover and set-up reduction. Participants will manufacture a product on a simulated factory floor incorporating various learn techniques along the way.

Public Water Treatment

Participants will be introduced to potable water treatment distribution, pumping, storage, hydraulics and related math. The Illinois state certification exam is given upon completion of the course.

40-Hour Medical First Responder for Industry

Participants learn the role of the first responder; personal safety and protection; ethical issues of emergency response; human anatomy; lifting and moving patients; emergency airways management; patient assessment; controlling bleeding and circulation; medical emergencies; soft tissue injuries; bone and muscular injuries; CPR and AED response; and documentation of patient care.

CPR Healthcare Provider

Receive the training and practice necessary to pass the CPR Healthcare Provider written examination and perform adult, child and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation. On successful completion, receive an AHA certification card.

5S/Workplace Organization

This seminar offers the basic 5S system. Participants will gain an understanding of the difference in workplace appearance and functionality before and after the 5S process has been applied.

Theory of Constraints

This seminar will introduce the Theory of Constraints and its implications when applied to the manufacturing environment. The five-step process will be discussed.

Hazardous Waste Refresher Course

This refresher course is designed for employees, managers and supervisors who have completed hazardous material training and are engaged in hazardous waste or emergency response activities. The course will cover recognition and identification, health and safety information, incident command, chemical properties, and decontamination.

Confined Space Awareness

Learn the permit/non-permit requirements of confined space and potential hazards found in a confined space. Includes an introduction to air monitors and lowering and retrieval systems in accordance with OSHA 29, CFR 1910.146, and MIOSHA Rule 90.

Maintenance Welding for the Manufacturer

Participants in this intensive 16-hour, hands-on welding course will enhance their existing welding and problem-solving abilities. The types of welding covered include: TIG, MIG, shield metal arc and oxy fuel welding as well as how to weld metal metals such as cast iron, copper and dissimilar metals.

Fluid Power

This workshop is geared toward maintenance personnel who work in industry. It will cover topics including: symbols and schematics, directional control valves, cylinders and actuators, pumps and motor flow controls and pressure controls.

Basic Electricity and Test Instruments

This course is designed for the individual who has little or no experience dealing with electricity. It will cover basic electrical circuits, electrical terms and quantities, instruments, and electrical troubleshooting.

Elements of Time Studies

This seminar provides participants with the usefulness of time studies in determining quotas, piece and hourly rates, job set-ups and bids. Through the use of hands-on simulations, participants will be able to practice and calculate actual motion studies.

GTAW Welding (TIG)

Beginning welders in this course will gain a basic understanding of gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and be able to explain and perform the principles of GTAW. Participants will also weld various joint designs in a variety of orientations on both mild steel and aluminum.

GMAW Welding (MIG)

Beginning welders in this course will gain a basic understanding of gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and be able to explain and perform the principles of GMAW. Participants will also weld various joint designs in a variety of orientations on both mild steel and aluminum.

Weldability of Metals

This course is designed for those who work in the maintenance field or who are interested in welding on aircraft and motor sports equipment. The types of metal and processes to be discussed include: alloy and stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium, TIG Welding, MIG welding and shield metal arc welding.


This course is intended to teach participants a very basic understanding of how metals are comprised and how they react to different conditions and environments.

Precision Measurement

This course is intended to teach participants a basic understanding of common measurement instruments and techniques. The measurement instruments will be relative to industrial uses.

Introduction to Industrial Programmable Logic Controller Networks

This hands-on course is an introduction to Allen Bradley methods of networking for programmable logic controllers. Participants will learn RS Linxs, DH 485+, RIO and Ethernet.

Programmable Logic Controller Refresher

This course is designed for those who have experience with PLCs and need a refresher course. Topics will include operations, software, control basic, interfacing electronic devices, and troubleshooting.

Motor Controls

This course is designed to teach the essential skills needed to work with motor controls. Topics will include safety regulations, troubleshooting, motor starters, ladder logic, relays and timers.