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Small Business Development

The Small Business Development Center offers courses to suit the needs of business owners from initial business planning to business practices. Small business owners will find instructive courses and personal guidance from experienced instructors.

Starting a Business

Pre-Business Workshop
This seminar will provide first-hand advice on what to expect when starting a small business. Participants can bring questions and learn about the free supportive services available to them for their business venture.

Everything You Want to Know About Starting a Small Business
Find out what it takes to start a small business. Bring questions and receive first-hand advice about what to expect and available supportive services.

Starting a Small Business—Services Available to You
This seminar will provide first-hand advice on what to expect when starting a small business. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and learn about the free services to assist them in their business venture.

Starting Your Own Business: Make the Dream a Reality
Learn the basics of business plan development, financial planning, legal issues and accounting through a number of courses such as:

Getting Started—The Idea
Finding the Money—Business Financing
Accounting Matters I
Accounting Matters II
Should I Incorporate my Business?—Legal Structures and Issues
Retirement Plan Options
Franchised Business Ownership

Starting a Small Business Series
This course is designed for individuals considering starting their own business. Participants can have their questions answered and learn the step-by-step process to making their business idea come to life.

Getting Started
Start Up and Operating Costs
Bookkeeping and Taxes
What Else?

Franchised Business Ownership
Participants in this course will learn about franchising, what to look for in a franchise, how to find the right franchise, and cost factors.

Identify Your Customers and Competitors
In this session, participants will develop effective marketing strategies by identifying, researching and analyzing their "Most Valuable Customer" and their current and future competition.

How to Write a Successful Business Plan
This business plan writing course is designed for the advanced small business owner/entrepreneur who is prepared to move forward with opening and growing their business.

Financing Your Business

Financing Your New/Existing Business
This course instructs participants how to plan the business, forms of capital, commercial credit and loan packaging preparation.

How to Promote Your Business on a Shoestring Budget
Learn tips on marketing and promoting a self-run business with limited funds. Participate in an open discussion and learn new ideas for business marketing and promotion without spending all of the profits.

Being Your Own Banker
This seminar will help participants discover a worry-free method for accumulating wealth, planning their finances, and reducing their taxes. Learn how to recapture and leverage the interest and profits that are currently caught up in banks and finance companies.

Small Business Tax Workshop
Topics will include basic IRS tax requirements, employment tax, recordkeeping and depreciations. The workshop is intended for partnerships, sole proprietorships, S corporations, limited liability corporations, small corporations and consultants.

How to Read a Financial Statement
Learn how to accurately read and understand the personal financial statement and other aspects of business finances.

Preparing to Become Bond and Loan Ready
Sponsored by Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, the class will provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about bonding, financing and accounting.

Loan Readiness – Small Business Loan Options
Individuals ready to approach a financial institution to request a loan will find out what the loan officer will be requesting by attending this seminar.

How to Apply for a Small Business Loan
This session will include what the bank will expect in a business proposal, how to properly prepare a loan proposal, and free resources available to assist with the process.

Alternative Lending Programs for Small Business Owners
This seminar will walk participants through the procedure of procuring a loan for start-up costs or business expenses.

Practical Financial Management for Small Business
Learn how to improve the financial performance of a small business. Seminar topics include how to use financial statements as tools to diagnose and improve performance, how to avoid cash crunches during seasonal cycles, and strategies for successful growth.

Financial Investments for Small Business Owners
The instructor will discuss various investment options for the individual and small business owner. Topics of many varieties will focus around high-quality, long-term investing.

Tax Strategies for Home-Based Businesses
Learn to evaluate the different types of home-based businesses. Participants will learn the steps necessary to set up and operate a home-based business, even while maximizing their tax deductions through the given guidelines which are simple, legal and ethical.

Record Keeping for Small Business
Small business owners will learn how to get their financial affairs in order. Participants will learn how to use and maintain booking and filing systems.

Business Practices

Safety Compliance for Small Business
This program is designed to help the small business owner learn how to manage their safety program, stay compliant, reduce the risk of accidents or losses, provide a safe work environment, and do so without going broke.

Technology and the Small Business
Learn how technology can help small businesses remain competitive.

Starting and Sustaining a Consulting Practice
This seminar will take participants through the steps to develop, market, and grow a consulting business.

Dos and Don’ts of Working with Independent Contractors
This seminar is for both those who are independent contractors and the businesses which use them. Participants will learn about the criteria the IRS uses to define independent contractor status, when an independent contractor really is an employee, how to document the use of independent contractors and much more.

Property Management
Participants will learn how to operate the rental business like a professional. Topics include tenant selection, codes and regulation compliance, the legal action process, tenant occupancy, record keeping and budget controls.