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Courses for learning Spanish in multiple work settings and situations are available for helping professionals improve their communication with Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients. 

Conversational Business Spanish
Learn Spanish for situations including greetings and goodbyes, social niceties, compliments, employment issues, hiring and dismissal, medicinal emergencies, work rules and regulations, forklift operations, quality control and more.

Beginning Conversational Spanish for Professionals
Participants can build their Spanish speaking skills in this eight-week course. Language, key phrases and basic vocabulary will be covered. Other topics to be discussed include key business language, travel terms, current events and cultural tips.

Intermediate Conversational Spanish for Professionals 
In this session, participants can expand their knowledge and skills while reviewing terms from Beginning Spanish and learning new phrases and vocabulary. Participants will practice both spoken and written Spanish.

Spanish for Child Care Facilities
Utilize Spanish commands and questions to register new students, report on a child's behavior, instruct and compliment a child, manage various activities, provide children with navigational directions, deal with illness and health issues, facilitate snack and lunch time, and give emergency directions.

Spanish for Office Personnel
Learn Spanish language skills to greet customers and clients, make appointments, gather personal data, receive and make calls, handle payments and refunds, assist walk-ins, and deal with disgruntled clients.

Spanish for Industry, Manufacturing and Warehousing
Use Spanish to greet and compliment employees, express numbers, measurements, and fractions. Assist with employment and scheduling issues and control safety and medical situations.

Spanish for the Physician's Office
Learn basic Spanish language skills for managing patient registration, payment issues, taking a  history and vital signs, determining complaints and assessing the patient's condition, explaining diagnosis, treatment and follow-up procedures.

Spanish for Paramedics and EMTs
Learn survival Spanish pronunciation, questions, and phrases to better serve Spanish-speaking patients. Learn basic general statements, commands, and questions associated with most injuries, accidents, and medical emergencies.

Medical Spanish
Learn survival Spanish pronunciation, questions, and phrases to better serve Spanish-speaking patients and clients. This course offers Spanish for the following procedures: patient intake and registration, taking vitals, primary assessment/determining chief complaint, diagnostic questions, pain assessment, general and specific exam areas, OB-GYN, blood draw, urine specimen, treatment procedures, referral, payment and insurance.

Conversational Spanish for Medical Personnel
This course is designed to provide appropriate vocabulary and structure for persons in the medial and health field who come into regular contact with Spanish speaking clients. This course is designed for healthcare professionals who have no Spanish language background.

Spanish for School Administrators
Learn to use Spanish to: monitor and control school settings; respond to medical emergencies; greet and give basic instructions to parents or families; engage in security measures; and identify students’ needs. No prior knowledge of Spanish necessary.

Spanish for Social Services
This course will highlight job titles and people, the outreach visit, social work terms, interview phrases, insurance vocabulary, medical history, feelings, agency services, common places, accidents/common injuries and emergencies.

Spanish for Construction
Highlighted topics in this course will include building areas, hand tools, power tools, construction equipment, building supplies, hardware, landscaping, painting and electrical terms, safety equipment and supervisory expressions.

Spanish for Law Enforcement
This course will cover law enforcement occupations, departments and units, interviewing the public, law enforcement commands and phrases, traffic laws and problems, the raid, weapons, accidents and injuries, people descriptions and the Miranda Warning.

Spanish for Hospitality
This course will cover lodging vocabulary, types of rooms, housekeeping terms, cleaning supplies, maintenance, grounds keeping, basic hiring, interview questions, verification and pay, training, job expectations and performance.

Spanish for Manufacturing
This course will cover job titles, factory vocabulary, common actions and commands, hand tools, power tools, supplies and materials, hardware, clean-up terms, measurements, safety equipment, job expectations, job performance, supervisory terms, schedules and shifts and hazardous materials.

Spanish for Firefighters
In addition to basic greetings and general Spanish vocabulary, the course also covers firefighting vocabulary and phrases, fire and life safety inspections, water emergencies, general emergencies and common injuries, medical vocabulary, intake information, building areas, directions and safety equipment.