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Teaching Philosophy

Overall, I believe teaching should be done in such a way that students become involved, excited and actually learn. They should not only learn facts, but they should also learn to think critically and creatively in order to become lifelong learners. 

Some of the approaches I take in my classes include the following:

Interactive lessons promote participation and increased understanding vs. short term memorization. Such active learning includes labs, web-based assignments, case studies, as well as group work and discussions. I believe integrating technology in the classroom is vital, especially in science courses.  Besides Angel, other instructional technologies I use include PowerPoint presentations and animations on websites.

Critical thinking is an integral part of science. Therefore, instead of ignoring or brushing over controversies in science, students would be exposed to them and expected to review the evidence and critically evaluate it. Again, the web is a valuable tool allowing students to research current issues in science and the controversies surrounding them, while developing essential critical thinking skills.