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Teaching Philosophy

Everyone has a desire to learn in one way or another. Learning is essential to our survival and it doesn't have to be a chore. Learning can be fun.

Many individuals do not have the ability or the means to attend a large university. The community college makes higher education available to everyone and can be a stepping stone to other institutions of learning.

As a community college instructor, I have a unique role. I come in contact with many types of students that learn in many different ways. An intriguing challenge for me is to try to get through to many types of students at one time in the class room. To do this I try to create a fun and inviting classroom environment and use up to date and cutting edge technologies while catering to multiple learning styles.

One of my favorite techniques is simply enthusiasm. I love biology and I love to teach it so I let that come across in the classroom. I believe that enthusiasm is contagious. I hope that my students will learn to love biology as well. Biology is the study of the natural world which is all around us and is a commonality that links us all together.