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KCC Service

  • Veteran's Day 2015 Art Show Installation: A Tribute to My Father  LT Norm Ulrich TributeLTNormUlrichTribute.docx   Exhibition Labels for Vet Show Lt  Norman A  Ulrich Fa15Exhibition Labels for Vet Show Lt Norman A Ulrich Fa15.docx
  • Illinois Articulation Agreement Humanities / Fine Arts Panel KCC representative 2014 - present​International Education for Intercultural and International Education (MIIIE) Board Member and KCC Representative; Member 1998 - present​​
  • Global Awareness Club Student Club Co-Advisor 2013 - present
  • Co-established KCC Student International Studies Award Recognition (TAG) 2013
  • Co-established Intercultural Lecture Series presentation opportunities for faculty and students​
  • Developed and Awarded Illinois State Transfer status for Arts and Culture of the Middle East (HUMS 1853)  2013 ​
  • Developed for administration and Awarded Illinois State Transfer status for Children's Literature (ENGL 2553) 2011  Delivery: Face-to-Face, Hybrid and Internet: Angel; Canvas
  • Developed and Awarded Illinois State Transfer status for African American Cultural Expression (HUMS 1813)  2007
    ​KCC Honors Course Introduction to Humanities (HUMS 1513H) Professor  2005-09
  • Developed for KCC administration and Awarded Illinois ​State Transfer status for Introduction to Shakespeare (ENGL 1854) 2007 ​​ Delivery: Face-to-Face and Internet: Web-Ct; Angel; Canvas
  • ​​​Developed for KCC administration Introduction to Poetry (ENGL 1713)  2006; agreed to admin request for an annual, invited guest poet and community publicity
  • Developed for KCC administration Introduction to Humanities (HUMS 1513) 2001  Delivery: Face-to-Face; Distance Learning: U.S. Mail and Video Transfer; Internet: Web-Ct; Angel; Canvas   
  • Invited Poets (ENGL 1713) and Guest Presenters​
  • One Book / One Community 
    • All Quiet on the Western Front by Remarque Lecture Presentation and Panel Discussion 
      Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne Lecture Presentation 
    • Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok Panel Presenter
    • The Color of Water by James McBride Panel
  • ​Arranged and Accompanied Students on Class Field Trips
    • ​Kankakee Historical Museum for sculpture study
    • FLW Bradley House (Kankakee)Latin and Salsa Dance Lessons (Kankakee Park System)
    • FLW Robie House, IL architecture study (2010-2013)
    • Graue Mill Underground​ Railway and Museum, IL (2007)
    • The Grant Park Music Festival A Midsummer Night's Dream (2005)​
    • Chicago Shakespeare Festival and backstage tour (2002, 2003) 
    • Mexican Fine Arts Center Kahlo/Riviera exhibit (2003) 
    • Art Institute, IL Classical Mythology in Art tour (2002) 
    • Baha'i Temple, IL architecture study (2002)​
  • KCC Committee Involvement
    • Strategic Planning and Oversight​ Committee Member​
    • Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee Member 
    • Cultural Diversity Co-Chair 
    • Advanced Placement College-Level Exam Program Study (CLEP) 
    • Academic Assessment Committee 
    • HSS Budget Requisition
    • Honors Program Development Committee 
    • Professor Emeritus Task Group 
    • Tuition Reimbursement Policy 
    • Business Fast Track Program 
    • Faculty Evaluation and Mentoring for Non-Tenured Faculty 
    • Copyright Standards Committee Member (2003-04) 
    • Foundation Scholarship Program Learning Resources Committee 
    • KCC Standardization for IAI 
    • KCC’s Friendship Day Participant​
    • Organized and Hosted a Foreign Film Festival at KCC (2001)