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Massage Therapy

Advanced Certificate - MASG.CRT.C99

The Massage Therapy Advanced Certificate prepares students to enter the massage therapy profession. The massage therapist's duties may vary from providing stress reduction/health enhancement to working cooperatively with other health care providers in pain management and injury rehabilitation.  Employment opportunities are in medical and chiropractic offices and clinics, health spas, fitness centers, massage therapy clinics and beauty salons.

Classroom and laboratory courses will be taught at KCC's North Extension Center. Clinical experiences will be on-site and in area facilities. Graduates will be eligible to sit for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam. Consult a KCC advisor and see the Information on Health Career Programs for program entry requirements. Save and/or print this fillable eligibility check sheet.

This certificate is a gainful employment program and KCC is required to provide cost, completion and occupation information about it.

Program director: Dalonda Hurst, email, phone 815-802-8803.

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Required prior to acceptance in the program
Credit hours: 1

  • MASG 1101 - Introduction to Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy major (11 courses)
Credit hours: 31

  • MASG 1114 - Introduction to Massage Techniques*
  • MASG 1123 - Muscles of the Body*
  • MASG 1133 - Pathology for the Bodyworker*
  • MASG 1143 - Complimentary and Wellness*
  • MASG 1202 - Massage Therapy Clinic I*
  • MASG 1212 - Case Study*
  • MASG 1154 - Kinesiology for the Bodyworker*
  • MASG 1164 - Massage Techniques & Variation*
  • MASG 1174 - Therapeutic Massage Techniques*
  • MASG 1232 - Massage Therapy Clinic II*
  • MASG 1181 - Exam Preparation for Massage*

General Education (3 courses)
Credit hours: 10

All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C:

  • BSNS 1603 - Business Communications*
  • BSNS 2113 - Small Business Management
  • BIOL 1564  - Intro to Anatomy & Physiology*


*Course has prerequisite.

Massage Therapy Advanced Certificate — Suggested course sequence

MASG 1114* 4 cr. hrs.
MASG 1123* 3 cr. hrs.
MASG 1143* 3 cr. hrs.
MASG 1163* 3 cr. hrs.
BIOL 1564* 4 cr. hrs.

BSNS 2113 3 cr. hrs.
MASG 1202* 2 cr. hrs.
MASG 1212* 2 cr. hrs.

MASG 1133* 3 cr. hrs.
MASG 1154* 4 cr. hrs.
MASG 1174* 4 cr. hrs.
MASG 1181* 1 cr. hrs.
MASG 1232* 2 cr. hrs.
BSNS 1603* 3 cr. hrs.

Each student in this program must have a physical exam, criminal background check without any disqualifying convictions, a negative drug screen and current CPR certification from the American Heart Association (BLS for Healthcare Provider) or American Red Cross (Professional Rescuer: adult, child & infant or AED).

The curriculum of record for students applying to, but not yet accepted into, competitive entry health careers programs will be the Associate in General Studies.