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Medical Laboratory Technology (Adv. Option 1)

Associate in Applied Science Degree - MLT.AAS.C24

The advanced placement sequence of the Medical Laboratory Technology Associate in Applied Science Degree is designed for students who have previously completed all the required general education courses of the program. The program concentrates on Medical Laboratory Technology courses, allowing students to complete the degree requirements in three semesters (spring, fall, spring). See also Medical Laboratory Technology.

For online hybrid courses in this curriculum, students meet every two weeks for laboratory sessions at KCC.

For program entry requirements, consult a KCC advisor, see Information on Health Career Programs  and read the minimum abilities requirements. Save and/or print this fillable eligibility check sheet.

Program coordinator: Glenda Forneris, email gforneris@kcc,edu, phone 815-802-8835

Take a look at what it takes to become a Medical Lab Tech through KCC - watch this You Tube video.

All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C:

  • MEDT 1415 - Physiology Systems1- online hybrid*
  • BIOL 1514 - General Biology I*
  • BIOL 2714 - Microbiology I*
  • CHEM 1514 - General Chemistry I*
  • CHEM 1524 - General Chemistry II*
  • ENGL 1613 - English I*
  • ENGL 1623 - English II*
  • MATH 1814 - College Algebra* 2
  • PSYC 1813 - Introduction to Psychology*
  • ELECTIVE - Humanities

Medical Laboratory Technology Major (8 courses)
Credit hours: 34

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. For non-clinical online courses, students must meet for biweekly laboratory sessions at KCC.

  • MEDT 1114 - Urinalysis and Body Fluids — online hybrid*
  • MEDT 1124 - Hematology and Coagulation — online hybrid*
  • MEDT 2124 - Serology and Blood Banking — online hybrid*
  • MEDT 2044 - Clinical Microbiology — online hybrid*
  • MEDT 2214 - Clinical Chemistry — online hybrid*
  • MEDT 2316 - Clinical Practicum I3— online hybrid*
  • MEDT 2326 - Clinical Practicum II3— online hybrid*
  • MEDT 2462 - Medical Laboratory Technology Seminar — online*

Minimum credit hours required for completion - 70

*Course has prerequisite.

1May substitute BIOL 2644 - Anatomy & Physiology I and BIOL 2654 - Anatomy & Physiology II.

2Students who have fewer than two years of high school algebra should take *MATH 1424 - Intermediate Algebra. Students with more high school math background may elect to take a higher-level math (3-4 credits) than College Algebra. In addition to College Algebra, physics is strongly recommended for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in medical technology or clinical laboratory science.

3In Clinical Practicum I and II, the student will spend four consecutive days each week (32 hours/week) in affiliated hospitals in the last semester.

Medical Laboratory Technology Advanced Placement Sequence Option 1

Courses required prior to acceptance in the program:

BIOL 1514* 4 cr. hrs
MEDT 1415* 5 cr. hrs
BIOL 2714* 4 cr. hrs
CHEM 1514* 4 cr. hrs
CHEM 1524* 4 cr. hrs
ENGL 1613* 3 cr. hrs
ENGL 1623* 3 cr. hrs
MATH 1814* 3-4 cr. hrs
PSYC 1813* 3 cr. hrs
Humanities elective 3 cr. hrs

Suggested course sequence

MEDT 1124* 4 cr. hrs
MEDT 2124* 4 cr. hrs

MEDT 1114* 4 cr. hrs
MEDT 2044* 4 cr. hrs
MEDT 2214* 4 cr. hrs

MEDT 2316* 6 cr. hrs
MEDT 2326* 6 cr. hrs
MEDT 2462* 2 cr. hrs

Additional program information

Graduates of this program are eligible to take the national registry examination given by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) and other certifying agencies. Medical Laboratory Technology graduates are prepared to enter medical technology/medical laboratory science bachelor's degree programs at selected state universities with junior status.

This program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), 5600 N. River Road, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018; 773-714-8880.

Each student in this program must have a physical exam, criminal background check without disqualifying convictions and a negative drug screen.

The curriculum of record for students applying to, but not yet accepted into, competitive entry health careers programs will be the Associate in General Studies.