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Respiratory Therapist - Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Sequence - RESP.AAS.C23

Certified Respiratory Therapists (CRTS) can earn advanced placement in the Respiratory Therapist associate degree program. Certified therapists who earned a Respiratory Care Technology certificate from KCC will have satisfied the requirements for BIOL 1564, RESP 1324, RESP 1331, RESP 1113, RESP 1435, RESP 1445, RESP 1224, RESP 2213, RESP 2445, and RESP 2225. Certified therapists who graduated from a different program will be evaluated on an individual basis. This degree typically is not designed for transfer.

For program entry requirements, consult a KCC advisor, see Information on Health Career Programs  and read the minimum abilities requirements.

Program director: Nancy Ozee, email, phone 815-802-8842

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

General Education (4 courses)
Credit hours: 13

Complete all three sub-requirements:

  1. Communications course - 6 credit hours
    • ENGL 1413 - Fundamentals of Writing* or ENGL 1613 - English I*
    • SPCH 1553 - Introductory Speech* or SPCH 1563* - Interpersonal Communication
  2. Mathematics - 4 credit hours
    • MATH 1414 - Basic Algebra*
  3. Social and Behavioral Science - 3 credit hours
    CHOOSE ONE course from the following:
    • PHIL 2543 - Death and Dying*
    • PHIL 2523 - Ethics*
    • PYSC 2573 - Adulthood & Aging*

Respiratory Therapist Major (4 courses)
Credit hours: 14 

  • RESP 2245 - Clinical III*
  • RESP 2353 - Cardiopulmonary Procedures*
  • RESP 2433 - Respiratory Procedures IV*
  • RESP 2453 - Respiratory Procedures VI*

Respiratory Therapist Independent Study (2 courses)
Credit hours: 4

  • RESP 2411 - Professional Skills, may be taken any time after admission to the advanced placement sequence*.
  • RESP 2483 - Respiratory Seminar*

Respiratory Therapist Advanced Placement Credit
Credit Hours: 39


*Course has prerequisite.

Respiratory Therapist Advanced Placement Sequence

Courses required prior to acceptance in the program (see note below)

ENGL 1413* or ENGL 1613* 3 cr. hrs.
MATH 1414* 4 cr. hrs.
SPCH 1553* or SPCH 1563* 3 cr. hrs.
Social and Behavioral Science course* 3 cr. hrs.
RESP Advanced Placement Credit* 39 cr. hrs.

Suggested Course Sequence

RESP 2433* 3 cr. hrs.

RESP 2411* 1 cr. hrs.

RESP 2453* 3 cr. hrs.
General education, if needed  

RESP 2245* 5 cr. hrs.
RESP 2353* 3 cr. hrs.
RESP 2483* 3 cr. hrs.

*Course has prerequisite.

Additional Program Notes

Requirements for consideration of acceptance into the advanced placement sequence will be the same as for those students applying to the first semester of the program.

The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (www. 1248 Harwood; Bedford, TX 76021-4244; 817-283-2835.

Each student in this program must have a physical exam, criminal background check without any disqualifying convictions, a negative drug screen, and current CPR certification from the American Heart Association (BLS for Healthcare Provider) or American Red Cross (Professional Rescuer: adult, child & infant or AED).

Upon completion, the graduate is eligible to apply for admission to the National Board for Respiratory Care Exams to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT).

The curriculum of record for students applying to, but not yet accepted into, competitive entry health careers programs will be the Associate in General Studies.