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Two Paramedics helping an individual in Ambulance 

The Paramedic program prepares individuals to provide advanced life support in and out of the hospital settings to critically ill and injured persons. To prepare individuals to function in the paramedic role, a combination of educational methods are used in this program, including theory, instruction, demonstration and practice of life-saving skills for simulated and real emergency situations.



Instruction is provided by physicians specializing in emergency medicine, registered nurses with advanced education in trauma management and paramedics approved by the emergency medical services director. The associate degree curriculum offers the student the opportunity to learn fundamental principles necessary for supervisory roles. This degree typically is not designed for transfer.

Paramedic in Catalog​​​​​

Paramedic Program Outcomes

​​​Graduating Class Number Enrolled


​Delayed Graduation ​Passed IDPH Exam 1st attempt ​Passed IDPH Exam after Subsequent ​attempts ​Took NREMT Exam (Not IDPH) ​Graduates Emp​loyed
7/17/2017​ ​9 ​89% ​0 88% ​12% ​0 100%
​7/25/2018 ​17 ​100% ​6% ​53% 41% ​6% 82%
​7/24/2019 ​25 ​76% ​0% ​68% ​N/A ​N/A ​68%

​​If you have any questions regarding Paramedic program outcomes, please contact the program director at 815-802-8815 or email​​​​​​​