Study Abroad

KCC students have the opportunity to study in a foreign country through the college's participation in the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP).

The program is designed to help create a better understanding of these cultures by offering American undergraduates the opportunity to study literature, history, art, and politics in a foreign land.

Programs abroad include short-term summer programs and semester-long programs in

  • Salzburg, Austria
  • San Jose, Costa Rica (summer only)
  • Canterbury, England
  • Dijon, France (summer only)
  • Carlow, Ireland
  • Seville, Spain

Check out the ICISP website for more information.


At the time they apply, participants must have

  • completed at least 12 semester hours of college credit courses at KCC
  • completed ENGL 1613 with at least a "B"
  • a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75. 

Financial aid

Enrollment in Study Abroad courses that are approved for credit by KCC may be considered when determining enrollment status for assistance under the Title IV, HEA programs. Study Abroad Program course enrollments may be included when applying for financial aid assistance.

Application deadlines

Program application deadlines are April 15 for the following fall semester and Oct. 15 for the following spring semester. Summer term deadlines vary depending on the program selected. Applications to study abroad are available from Susan LaMore at 815-802-8208 or at

Scholarships are available

A Study Abroad Scholarship is available through the KCC Foundation. Consult the KCC Foundation Scholarship booklet that is available each year for more information, including application deadline dates. Scholarships awarded each spring would be available for use in the upcoming semesters of summer, fall or spring. To be eligible for a Study Abroad Foundation Scholarship, students must intend to earn an associate degree at KCC and have completed 24 semester hours of college credit courses by the time the student begins the semester abroad.