Payments and Refunds

Payment deadlines may vary based on your registration dates (see below). Full payments are accepted in the college Accounting Office, located in Student Services in the east wing on the second floor of the main building.

All students registering for spring credit division courses must pay upon registration. 

Spring 2015 payment deadlines

If you register Tuition due date

Dec. 6, 2014  through the end of registration

Payment is due in full; or you must enroll in the tuition payment plan upon registration.

For your convenience, we offer an online tuition payment plan. Out-of-district Illinois students also can take advantage of the chargeback program.

It is your responsibility to drop a class selection if payment is not possible. If you do not pay tuition and fees in full or pay with a non-sufficient fund check, your registration will be canceled. However you cannot rely solely on the de-registration process to drop classes for non-payment, especially when you apply for financial aid, scholarships or other payment assistance. 

Four payment options

  • Cash: Accepted only if you are registering in person. Do not mail cash.
  • Personal check: Make checks payable to Kankakee Community College.
  • Credit cards: Accepted credit cards are VISA, Discover and MasterCard. Credit card payments are accepted in person, by phone and online
  • Tuition payment plan (please see below)

Tuition payment plan

Students can sign up with FACTS to have tuition and fees automatically deducted from their checking accounts, savings accounts or credit cards and spread over several months. This is not a loan program. There are no interest or finance charges. A non-refundable enrollment fee is charged each semester. Limited availability during late registration. For more information, review our FACTS page or contact the accounting office at 815-802-8140.

Online payment

Payment may be made online through 'Make a payment' at KCConnect. Payments must be made in full with a credit card.

Tuition refund

If the final day for a refund falls on a weekend or a date when the college is closed, the refund deadline is the following business day.

Course withdrawals

Tuition refunds for withdrawals from college credit division courses are based on refund date. Refund dates are printed on your registration statement. You can receive a 100 percent refund through 10 percent of the course (approximately 12 calendar days for a 16-week course). No refund will be given if you withdraw after 10 percent of the course has been completed.

Course cancellation

You will receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees for a canceled course unless you transfer to another class. In that case, the tuition and fees will be applied to the new course.