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Check your Financial Aid Status

  1. Go to KCConnect 
  2. Usernames and passwords are synchronized across the KCC network. Anyone who has used a KCC network resource since August 2005 (email, Angel, computer labs), will use the same User ID and password for KCConnect. For all other current students, there is a "What's my User ID?" link to find usernames.
  3. Click Students
  4. Click Financial aid status by year
  5. Click drop down arrow and choose the current year
    • 2015-16 is Year 2015
    • 2016-17 is Year 2016
  6. Click Submit


No Total Estimated Funds Available – means we have not completed your file. It takes several weeks to process a file. You do not need to contact KCC's Office of Financial Aid to determine the status of your file. We will notify you by letter if we need further information.

Source and Amount of financial aid awards listed with 'E - Estimated' in the Action box – Means an award letter will be mailed. If you do not receive one, check with the admissions office to determine that you have been accepted as a student at KCC. If you have to do one of the following, make sure to tell the Office of Financial Aid when it has been completed. We will then reprocess your file for an award letter.

  • Have the following on file in the Office of Admissions:
    • KCC Admissions Form
    • Official high school transcript with graduation date Those without a high school diploma, submit an official GED transcript showing completion.
    • Placement Test scores
  • You also must have selected and be admitted to an eligible program; one that leads to an associate degree or an advanced certificate and requires at least 16 semester hours to complete. Paramedic and Paramedic related programs are currently not eligible programs.

Source and Amount of financial aid awards listed with 'I - Denied' in the Action box – Means bring a photo ID to the Financial Aid walk-in desk and we will discuss with you the reasons for denial.

Source and Amount of financial aid awards listed with 'W - Waiting on Degree Audit' in the Action box - Means we need a Degree Audit after you have registered for courses in order to activate awards.  The Degree Audit can be obtained by meeting with your Academic Advisor.

Source and Amount of financial aid awards listed with 'A - Accepted' in the Action box – Means we have processed your file and you are eligible to receive the awards listed as "Accepted" based on your enrollment status. To determine an estimate of your excess funds, please view the How to Calculate Your Refund instructions. Refer to the Financial Aid Calendar for the dates Pell will be distributed.