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Dual Credit Info/FAQ

Quick info

 Dual credit has several benefits:

  • Studies show that students who participate in dual credit increase their likelihood of completing high school, as well as in enrolling and persisting in college.
  • Dual credit courses reduce the cost of college tuition and fees, while accelerating time to degree completion.
  • Dual credit courses contribute to closing the achievement gap by encouraging a wider range of students to pursue advanced education and training.
  • Accelerating degree completion helps students enter the workforce sooner.

The national mandate

Dual credit is mandated by law; view a copy of the Dual Credit Quality Act. The Illinois Board of Higher Education also offers general information.

Frequently asked questions

What courses are available for dual credit?

Dual credit courses must be selected from the KCC course catalog and approved by the appropriate KCC Associate Dean in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Illinois Dual Credit Quality Act and the Administrative Rules of the Illinois Community College Board. Many KCC courses that have been approved as part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) are appropriate as dual credit. Additionally, certain career and technical education courses may be offered for dual credit. To develop dual credit courses at your school, contact the appropriate associate dean as early as possible.

For more information about current courses offered at KCC, visit KCC’s online catalog.

Do all colleges and university accept dual credit for college credit?

Courses that are part of the IAI (Illinois Articulation Initiative) are accepted by the 96 colleges/universities in that program. KCC accepts dual credit. Students should refer to transfer guides of the colleges/universities under consideration to determine the transferability of other courses.

Is dual credit the same as Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate?

No. All three programs offer advanced coursework to eligible students. However, their purpose and impact differs. For information on Advanced Placement, see the College Board website. The International Baccalaureate Program website has details on that program.

Can my institution offer the same course for dual credit and Advanced Placement?

It depends. Each dual credit request is considered individually. For dual credit, KCC’s learning outcomes must be the foundation on which the instructional assessments and evaluation strategies are designed.

What is articulated credit?

Articulated credit allows high school students to complete a junior or senior year math class using the curriculum developed by KCC faculty. College placement tests are not required. Note that passing an articulated credit class is defined by KCC standards: 70% or higher. Articulated credit at KCC is approved for MATH 1113 - Tech Math I, MATH 1123 - Tech Math II, MATH 1414 - Basic Algebra, and MATH 1424 - Intermediate Algebra. A passing grade in MATH 1424 ensures college readiness in math.

Which students are eligible to participate in dual credit?

To enroll in a dual credit course, students should be juniors or seniors, in good academic standing, and meet all KCC prerequisite and placement requirements for the course. Once enrolled, students will be bound by KCC’s academic and administrative policies, including the Code of Student Conduct.

How are the quality and rigor of dual credit courses assessed and maintained?

Dual credit courses are subject to the same evaluation and review procedures established for all other classes at KCC. They include a periodic review of syllabi, classroom observations, student evaluations, and programmatic assessment. In addition, KCC periodically conducts an audit of dual credit offerings to ensure the courses continue to meet academic and disciplinary standards.

Can we offer dual credit for some—but not all—students in a course?

Yes, provided all students in the class meet the prerequisite requirements established by KCC, and the class adheres to KCC’s administrative guidelines, curriculum and policies. Failure to comply will forfeit college credit for all students enrolled in that course section.

Can students enrolled in dual credit withdraw once the semester has begun?

Yes, pursuant to KCC deadlines and policies regarding student withdrawals.